The Chase Band – Comments

The Chase Band
“Your band is perfect mate, don’t change a thing for us”
Barry Gibb (Bee Gees)

“This is about the best band I have seen at these events”
Quincy Jones (National Foundation Arts)

“Please tell the guys: You made my birthday party!”
Sharon Stone (actress)

“I got more compliments on the band, than on anything else!”
Sylvester Stallone (actor)

” ...the best funk and soul band in this town, that’s for sure”
Cher (entertainer)

“One of the top acts in corporate entertainment...”
Meetings and Conventions (magazine)

“Best Wedding Band - Peoples Choice Award”
WPLG Channel 10 Miami

“Best Wedding Band”
New Times (newspaper)

“Best society band”
Palm Beach Illustrated (magazine)

“Miami’s favorite society band...”
Miami Herald (2004)

“Hottest band with the South Florida A-List crowd...”
Miami Business Review (magazine)

”...largely due to the non-stop, high energy of your ensemble”
Ross Perot (Presidential candidate)

“Thanks again, you really made the party!”
Jeb Bush (Governor-Florida)

“You guys were the best we have had in over 10 years!”
Paul Pressler (CEO, The Gap, Inc)

”....Look forward to working again with you folks next year”
Jack Stahl (CEO, Revlon)

“Rave reviews keep coming was fantastic...”
Charles Prince (CEO, Citigroup)

”...most talked about event in Naples! Thanks again...”
Zev Weiss (CEO, American Greetings)

“Julie’s wedding was a total smash... thanks to you”
Stephen Riggio (CEO, Barnes & Noble)

”...Hottest band at the black-tie soirees this year...”
Ocean Drive (magazine)

“Nobody does a better job at creating fun and energy...”
Richard Branson (Chairman, Virgin Companies)

“Sensational music – thanks!”
Marla & Donald Trump

“South Florida’s favorite party band...”

And on, and on, and on...